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Since 2004.

Why I Do This Work 

Low Country Studios

In 2004 I opened Low Country Studios, Ltd. Co. as a place where the making of art and music could interweave with spiritual work.  That is still the intention for this house. So much of the jewelry and art that we see, and the music that we hear, is empty. The components, have low vibrations or, are void of any energy that can offer you support. I believe that fashion, and music, should provide you with an authentic sense of support. You may have felt how an original painting, when added to a room, provided clearing or an uplifting vibration to the space. That is why I do this work. That is why I make art that is focused to heighten spiritual connections or shift energy blocks. Vibrations are embedded into each piece I make through the combination of my experience as an energy work therapist along with my investment of hands-on creation time. A session with an energy healer can be cost prohibitive for some. As an alternative, these are works of art that you can live with every day as you focus on the positive changes that you are working toward. Most of my work is displayed in local markets (I love to meet my customers and discuss their needs and experiences one-on-one), shows, and in cyberspace. I feel blessed to be able to do what I do, and I love to hear that so many of you have found joy, encouragement, or peace, in the things that I have made for you.  I work at an old handmade jeweler's bench when I create jewelry and small display pieces. When I write music, with pencil and manuscript, the creative process can happen anywhere. And when I paint, or work on larger folk art pieces, I will often work near the ocean or in a garden where I can absorb and transfer the grounding energy of the earth. Since many of my visual pieces contain found branches, shells, or other non-living elements, being out in nature enhances the energy that the completed piece will contain. The purpose of this work is to help lighten burdens: we all need support when our loads turn into burdens. I will add words from scripture, or literature, that offer comfort or a smile - I have also added quite a few sayings of my own that developed throughout the years. If you, or a loved one, need a special word worked into a piece, don't hesitate to contact me so we can start the process of creating. If you are in the Charleston area you can usually find me at the Charleston City Market on Friday Nights and most Monday and Tuesday days. On Sundays I am behind the Pourhouse in the Sunday Brunch Farmers Market until 3:00pm. You can also find my work on Etsy in the Dolly Paul, or Low Country Studios, Shops. Follow me on Facebook at: Dolly Paul Designs or Low Country Studios.